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     I had a really good experience with Carpet Cleaning Eltham. When I urgently required a full house clean, they gave me a same day service which I am very pleased with. As expected, the standard of cleaning was great and I would most certainly recommend them to anyone and also use their services again.
E. Howards07/02/2023
     Their carpet cleaners did a fabulous job, breathed new life into my tired, old carpet. ElthamCarpetCleaners are a company of the highest order!
Kathy W19/05/2020
     My family and I had to move to a different apartment across town. Our lease was up, and we needed help cleaning out our old apartment. My brother recommended ElthamCarpetCleaners. They accepted the job and only took a few hours. Fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service!
Ruby Baker20/09/2019
     I used Eltham Carpet Cleaner for a heavy-duty home cleaning service in my property. Everything they did was spot on. My house has never looked so good!
Janice S.09/10/2018
     ElthamCarpetCleaners came and did an office clean for us after an event we held and since then we have hired them on a permanent basis because they did such a good and thorough job unlike some others we tried.
Phillipa Gregory22/01/2018
     I received a great discount as well as a job that no other cleaning company could match. Eltham Carpet Cleaning Company are just they service I needed as my house was coming down with clutter. They also had a really helpful and friendly team of experts.
Gary Kelly15/09/2017
     If you want your home perfectly clean, ElthamCarpetCleaners is just the ticket. Their staff will do wonders for you. I used their service last month and I was really impressed. I didn't even know that my house could be that clean. I have never experienced anything so satisfying. I highly recommend this company!
Tom M.21/07/2016
     I needed a cleaning company who could deal with the mess that my house was in when I left it! I have a dog that sheds fur, and the carpets were an absolute mess. I thought ElthamCarpetCleaners would be a good choice for my end of tenancy clean after I'd read some fantastic online reviews, and I was really happy with the results of the clean! It was as if no pets had ever lived there! My landlord was very impressed as well, and the job was done really quickly and professionally without being too expensive. A great job!
Lucas W.08/07/2014
     The real benefit which I've found when using this service is just how much less time I worry about how and when I'm going to get to the cleaning. That part of my life is just completely gone now because I know and trust that it'll be covered in the correct manner. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of hiring a company like ElthamCarpetCleaners before and the work which they do is really of the highest standard. If there's anything in your home that you want cleaned or if you worry about cleaning, get in touch ASAP.
Willie T.04/06/2014
     I have used a couple of cleaning services before I started employing ElthamCarpetCleaners and I am pleased to tell you that they really are excellent at what they do! You will hopefully find that they are similarly diligent, hard working and great value for money with everyone else as they are with me, as otherwise my recommendation won't carry very far! In all seriousness, these are nice bunch of hard working people, who will do you a great deal on your domestic cleaning. Simple.
Christopher Cohen05/03/2014
     I spend a lot of time at the office and finding the time to get my work done, look after the kids and clean my house was getting really difficult! I was genuinely ashamed of how unclean my house was, but I just couldn't fit any cleaning time into my busy schedule. I found out about ElthamCarpetCleaners and decided to give them a call. Now my home is always amazingly clean, and my friends and family are always wondering how I manage to get everything done! I can't thank the staff enough for helping me with my house cleaning!
Zoe Miles17/12/2013